How Light Can Help with Acne By Milan Lombardi MD on April 25, 2022

Everyone knows the woes of dealing with blemishes and blotches on their skin. Acne can present a serious problem in teens, but it doesn't always end there. Numerous teens and adults suffer from acne, which can lead to low self-esteem and lower quality of life. It can be difficult to find the right treatment for acne. At the right cosmetic surgery center in Tampa, you can find the right treatment for your skin and finally achieve clearer skin. Every patient deserves skin that is beautiful and comfortable. So, let's look at how light can help with acne.

How Light Can Help with Acne

SynergyMD focuses on giving our patients a customized and optimized experience that meets their needs. Scarring and dark spots on the skin can result from severe acne. These may require special treatment. The acne scar treatment is non-invasive and removes scarred tissue. This happens when the skin attempts to heal itself. Acne can appear anywhere on the body, including the neck, face, chest, neck, and upper arms. Each patient receives a customized treatment for acne. We use the most recent techniques and advances to ensure clear skin.

What is Light Therapy for Acne?

Two types of light therapy are offered by different medical professionals: blue and red light. Blue lights emit antimicrobial rays that reduce acne and scarring across the face. Red light can also help to get rid of scars but does not have the same antimicrobial effects.

Both types of therapies can effectively treat acne with a pain-free treatment. At our medical center, patients simply wear a light mask for a certain amount of time to gradually rejuvenate the skin. It is recommended that patients come in for more than one appointment for long-term results.

Blue Light Therapy: The Best Methods

You can practice light therapy in the comfort of your own home. However, professional treatment is highly recommended. Before you try these at-home treatments, it is advisable to seek the care of a dermatologist. You should always follow any given directions if you decide to try this at-home method. Otherwise, your skin and eyes may be damaged. When it's safe to do so, here are some things for you to try:
  • At-home full facial masks
  • Acne removal cream to boost effects of light therapy
  • Spot-treating: At-home light pen
  • Multiple in-office treatments
Whatever light therapy method you use, there seems to be a consensus among doctors that repetition, repetition, and more repetition are best for completely eliminating acne.

What to Expect During Acne Light Therapy

Before you go to the doctor, it is best to have clean skin. The doctor will give goggles to protect your eyes while you lie or sit under a blue light during treatment. Most people don't feel any discomfort or pain during this process, but it is still important that you feel comfortable.

People should not touch or pick at blemishes between treatments. Affected areas of the skin may feel raw, sensitive, or a little bit itchy, but it is important to leave them alone. Follow the advice of your dermatologist regarding the use and care of home products during and after treatments. To maintain results, a person will often need to attend follow-up sessions. Your doctor can help you figure out how many sessions you need for your acne to go away completely.

Invest in Effective Acne Treatment Today!

Visible light therapy can be very effective in treating acne for many people. You need to be realistic about how light therapy will work for you. Although it can improve your symptoms, it won't eliminate your pimples or blemishes forever. Before you consider light therapy, it is a good idea to try other methods of acne treatment in Tampa Bay as well. Talk to your dermatologist to determine if this treatment is right for you today!

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