Preparing for Your Hair Restoration By Milan Lombardi MD on August 15, 2022

FUE hair transplant surgery is fast becoming one of the most advanced procedures for hair restoration. Our top-rated cosmetic surgery center in Tampa helps patients who are suffering from hair loss over years or suddenly balding. You can book a future FUE hair transplant appointment by scheduling a quick meeting. Let's look at preparing for your hair restoration.

Preparing for Your Hair Restoration

You have many things to do in order to prepare for this type of surgery. Our experts will explain important facts and processes that you need to know about preparing for your hair restoration surgery. Here's a short list detailing the entire process from pre-surgery through post-surgery. Our professional staff members are here to help you out every step of the way!

Understanding Hair Transplants

If you have a medical condition such as pattern baldness, or any other type of hair loss, your doctor will approve you to undergo a hair transplant procedure. This could be caused by poor hygiene, genetics, hormone imbalance, age, or diet. After you have been approved for hair transplant surgery, you will be able to choose from the many hair-transplant options available to you.

Our graft-transplant surgeries are innovative and highly effective. We will use your own healthy hair follicles to transplant them to your damaged areas, encouraging natural growth. All you need to do now is wait!

Start Surgery Preparation At Least 1 Month Ahead

Although your FUE surgery is still a few weeks away, you can start to prepare for it. If you do not live near the clinic, you can book a hotel for the night. After the surgery, travel is not something you want to do. It is important that you make arrangements for your care, including finding someone to drive you home at night. You may need to stay over in some cases but most patients are able to go home the same day.

Weeks Before Your Surgery

You should follow a basic care plan in the weeks before your surgery. You might be asked to massage your scalp daily, which stimulates blood flow and encourages new growth. A hair regrowth drug may be prescribed to help boost the results of your transplant.

One Week Before Surgery

You should stop doing certain things that could hinder your recovery and healing from surgery. After your recovery, you might stop smoking and quit taking vitamin tablets. Vitamin tablets can cause bleeding to increase. Smoking can cause scarring and decrease your body's ability for healing, which could affect hair growth. Talk to your doctor to discuss how to prepare for your hair transplant surgery. You may also need to stop using soaps and other skin products.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Hair Restoration Surgery

Your doctor will give you a shampoo to use on the morning of the surgery. Do not use any other products, as they can cause problems during surgery. In preparation for anesthesia, ensure you know the time to stop eating. Wear loose, comfortable clothes to the clinic. Don't cover the surgical area too much. You will have a healthy scalp after your surgery and can look forward to seeing new hair growth over the next few months.

Gain Confidence with an FUE Treatment Now!

You are not the only one feeling anxious or uneasy about hair transplant treatment. It is normal to be afraid of the unknown. Our hair transplant team wants to make sure you feel comfortable and confident before you go for your life-changing hair loss surgery.

Want to know more about hair transplants, FUE surgery, and hair restoration in Tampa? Contact our experts today to schedule a consultation to discuss your hair growth requirements. Our team can answer any question you have while helping you figure out if this is the right treatment for you.

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