7 Benefits of Microdermabrasion for Skin By Milan Lombardi MD on October 10, 2022

Face and skin care is a lifelong endeavor and something that should always be invested in for those who want years of enjoyable health. If you have neglected your skincare for a while, don’t fret - there’s the perfect procedure available for you. Our guide provides the top 7 benefits of microdermabrasion for skin.

7 Benefits of Microdermabrasion for Skin

Microdermabrasion offers a resurfacing and rejuvenation process that deeply exfoliates your skin, leaving you with a new and youthful look. There are a lot of reasons why folks of all ages and genders seek out our high-end microdermabrasion services at our cosmetic center in Tampa. In fact, we want to share 7 benefits of microdermabrasion for skin that can help you determine if this rejuvenating process is the right move to make for your skin.

Get Rid of Deep Stretch Marks

Microdermabrasion is typically known for getting rid of acne and shrinking pores, but did you know it can also help with stretch marks? Your skin is full of elasticity, and it can wrinkle after you go through a dramatic weight-shifting event, such as pregnancy. Microdermabrasion will remove dirt and debris from the area, getting rid of some fine lines.

Get Rid of Large Pores

Back to the topic of shrinking pores, it’s true - our microdermabrasion in Tampa treatments can treat pores that have enlargened due to damage, acne, or collagen loss over time. With debris from dirt and other cosmetic products settling into the pores of your skin, this can cause a lot of damage over time. Our simple treatment gets rid of it all right away.

Defeat Acne Scars

Acne scars are one of the most common conditions that microdermabrasion aims to treat. Acne can cause some scarring on the skin over time, which might discolor the surrounding area. In order to get rid of these blemishes on your face, you can try out this kind of non-invasive rejuvenation procedure.

Enhance Other Cosmetic Procedures

Microdermabrasion isn’t always a one-and-done deal. It is more than possible to combine it with other wellness-enhancing treatments. In fact, microdermabrasion is shown to enhance the effect of other cosmetic procedures due to its exfoliating nature. This procedure removes the top layer of your skin and gets rid of excess. So it makes it easier for you to see boosted effects from future chemical peels and similar treatments.

Get Your Acne Under Control

In addition to acne scars, microdermabrasion is good for treating general acne. Acne happens when your pores get clogged with grime, dirt, dead skin cells, and oils that naturally come from your skin. All of these things mixed together cause blackheads and zits to occur. This can lead to inflammatory forms of acne over time if left untreated. Microdermabrasion will zap the acne away and get rid of the dirt. Both of these can keeo is keeping your skin from breathing the way it’s meant to.

Treat Hyperpigmentation

Do you have patches of skin that are darker than the surrounding areas on your face? This can occur as a result of acne or additional types of scarring. Other types of cosmetic treatments may also cause hyperpigmentation over time. You can solve this issue without the need for surgery when you consult with our pros.

Experience No Limits with Your Procedure

Microdermabrasion is available for people of all skin types who are looking to get rid of acne and other types of blemishes on the skin. While this procedure is not recommended for those with rosacea or who scar easily, most patients are found to be viable candidates. You can get in touch with your trusted plastic surgeon for more information regarding your own personal plan of care.

Explore Microdermabrasion Today

At SynergyMD, we offer top-notch treatments and wellness services to help you feel fully rejuvenated. Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience to learn more about the biggest benefits of signing up for microdermabrasion in Tampa with us. We look forward to serving you soon!

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