How Will a Dermatologist Help My Acne Problem? By Milan Lombardi MD on December 28, 2022

Everybody knows about the struggles of dealing with skin blemishes or blotches. If you have acne problems, your friends and family members have probably told you to visit a dermatologist. But if you are like most of our patients who visit their local cosmetic dermatologist in Tampa, you are probably wondering, “How will a dermatologist help my acne problem?” Acne can affect both teens and adults, causing low self-esteem and a lower quality of living. Finding the right treatment can be challenging. Clearer skin can be achieved by choosing the right type of non-invasive treatment for your skin.

How Will a Dermatologist Help My Acne Problem?

SynergyMD is focused on providing patients with a personalized and optimized experience that suits their needs. Severe acne can lead to scarring and darkening of the skin. These conditions may require special treatment, such as light therapy. There are many methods of treating acne that your dermatologist may suggest for you, including popular laser treatment and skin resurfacing. Keep reading to learn more about how your dermatologist will treat mild to severe cases of acne all over the body.

Dermatologists Recommend the Best Acne Treatments

Different medical professionals offer two types of light therapy: red and blue light. Blue light emits antimicrobial rays which reduce acne and scarring. Although red light has the same antimicrobial properties as blue, it can help with scarring.

Both therapies are painless and effective in treating acne. Our medical center recommends that patients wear a light mask for a period of time to rejuvenate their skin slowly. Patients are advised to come in for multiple appointments for long-term results.

Why Get Laser Light Therapy For Acne?

Light therapy can happen in your own home. But we recommend professional treatment. We recommend you seek professional treatment before you attempt these at-home remedies. If you try to attempt this at-home treatment, it proves important that you follow all instructions. Your skin and eyes could be damaged if you don't. Here are some suggestions for things you can do when it is safe:
  • Spot-treating: At-home light pen
  • At-home full facial masks
  • Acne cream to increase the effectiveness of light therapy
  • Multiple in-office treatments
No matter what light therapy method you choose, doctors seem to agree that repeating healthy habits daily - or even multiple types a day - is a great way to reduce acne overall. While your dermatologist can help you reduce acne and manage it over time, you can also do a lot of the work on your own to ensure that you don’t have another flare-up.

Visiting the Dermatologist: What to Expect

It is important to have clean skin before you visit the doctor. You will be given goggles by the doctor to protect your eyes as you lie down or under blue light. While most people won't feel any pain or discomfort during treatment, it is important to feel comfortable.

Between treatments, people should avoid touching or picking at blemishes. Although affected areas may feel tender, raw, or itchy, it is best to let them heal. Your dermatologist will give you advice regarding home care and the use of products after treatment. A person will need to continue attending follow-up appointments in order to maintain their results. You can ask your doctor how many sessions are necessary to get rid of acne completely.

Get Effective Acne Treatment in Tampa Today!

Visible light therapy, as well as our other recommended acne laser treatment in Tampa options, are great methods of getting rid of acne without having to go under the knife. However, it is important to be realistic about the results of light therapy. While it may improve your symptoms, it will not eliminate your pimples and blemishes forever. There is some work required on your part to maintain the health of your skin. It is worth looking into other options for continued acne treatment the next time you give us a visit. We look forward to helping you clear up your skin as well as your doubts about your bright future. Ask your dermatologist if you are a candidate for this treatment today!

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