How to Enhance Breast Augmentation Results By Milan Lombardi MD on June 02, 2023

Breast augmentation surgery comes in many different shapes and forms, and deciding what type of surgery is right for you can help you realize your body image goals. Picking your surgery type, your surgeon, and your surgery date can all be daunting, and it doesn’t end there; in addition to making these choices, patients must also learn how to enhance breast augmentation results once they have recovered from the initial surgery.

How to Enhance Breast Augmentation Results

Today, our Synergy MD experts will talk about just that. Learn how to enhance your breast augmentation before, during, and after the surgical process by making the right choices that will set you up for aesthetic success.

Make Sure You Have the Right Surgeon

Your surgeon can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying the results of your procedure. You need a skilled, experienced, and kind surgeon who knows exactly how to pay attention to the unique features of your body while helping you achieve your goals.

During your consultation, be sure to discuss your needs and your concerns by asking any and all questions that come to mind. Your surgeon will be able to tell you whether or not you are a good candidate for breast augmentation based on your current lifestyle habits and the health of your breasts.

Find an Implant Type That Works for You

Did you know that there are many different types of breast implants for patients to choose from? Different implants offer different benefits and can last a long time depending on your overall health. The main types of breast implants include:

Silicone Implants: Silicone gel implants are smooth and come in a variety of sizes. During surgery, we place implants inside the breasts through an incision.

Saline Implants: Another popular option is shells filled with a saline solution that can be placed inside your breasts to improve your look. They can be used for revision surgeries as well, making them appropriate for candidates of all ages.

While other types of implants may be available, it’s important to consider your overall goals and your health needs as this will determine the type of implant that works well for you. Both implant types can last for many years, with most patients enjoying the results for several decades.

Consider Your Recovery Needs

Make sure to ask about recovery needs during your consultation so you can set yourself up on the best trajectory for success. You can get quick results through a speedy recovery process when you take care of yourself the right way. You’ll want to follow instructions provided to you by your surgeon and stay as rested as possible for the first few weeks following your surgery.

You may need to avoid physical activity such as running, lifting, or even climbing stairs as you recover from your augmentation procedure. You may experience swelling and some pain. But these will subside over time and can be numbed with a prescribed pain-relieving medication. By staying in touch with your surgeon and taking good care of yourself, you can easily enjoy a successful breast augmentation.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation Today

Synergy MD is your local hub for everything cosmetic surgery and skincare. Whether you are looking to enhance your recent breast augmentation or you want to boost your physical appearance for the first time, you can learn more. Start when you get in touch with our surgical experts. We can help you schedule a one-on-one consultation with our expert doctors.

Find out how to enhance breast augmentation results by following post-operation instructions, staying in contact with your surgeon, and always acting in accordance with your health. We look forward to helping you bring your inside beauty to the surface!

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