Can A Brow Lift Be Combined with Other Procedures? By Milan Lombardi MD on July 25, 2023

A brow lift is a powerful procedure that has the potential to shave years off of a client's appearance by eliminating wrinkles and fine lines from their forehead region. However, many who receive this type of treatment aren't aware that this procedure can be successfully combined with several other types of surgeries to create stunning synergistic results. So, can a brow lift be combined with other procedures?

Can A Brow Lift Be Combined with Other Procedures?

If you're considering undergoing this type of treatment, then take a look at this overview of the types of surgeries that can successfully be combined with a brow lift in Tampa.

What Occurs During a Brow Lift?

In order to produce a more youthful appearance in the upper part of the face and forehead, a doctor raises and tightens the upper forehead skin during a brow lift.

The advantages of a brow lift have the ability to significantly affect one's appearance and emotional well-being.

A brow lift can be carried out in a few different methods. The course of your own will depend on a variety of aspects of your unique situation.

Am I A Good Candidate for A Brow Lift?

You will undergo a medical evaluation to determine your general fitness for getting medical treatment prior to your brow lift.

In general, the majority of healthy individuals have a chance of receiving therapeutic approval. If someone has serious chronic health problems of any kind, tricky scenarios may occur.

Your medical history and prior surgeries will also be taken into consideration when planning your procedure. Overall, this is something that is meant to assist you in having the most successful procedure.

Combining a brow lift with other types of plastic surgery procedures further complicates the eligibility process. That being said, most patients will likely qualify, barring any serious chronic health conditions.

Combining A Brow Lift with A Face Lift

One common combination is combining a brow lift with a facelift. This is partial because, in its way, a brow lift is a type of facelift.

Brow lifts typically administer their effects on the forehead and upper region of the face. Combining this with a facelift that concentrates on the lower region of the face can be highly efficacious, resulting in what amounts to a total makeover in a patient.

An additional advantage of performing both of these procedures at once is that you also combine recovery times. This can actually end up saving you money and time in the long run.

Combining A Brow Lift with an Eyelid Lift

There are several types of eyelid lifts or blepharoplasty. Most of these are designed to help a patient get rid of bulging fat and hanging skin in the eyelid area.

This type of procedure pairs very well with a brow lift. This is because the eyes and the part of the face that a brow lift targets are highly complementary areas of the face.

When the results of a successfully executed brow lift are combined with a well-executed eye lift, you can find yourself with a major brightening of your upper facial region.

Preparing For Multiple Procedures

Taking on multiple procedures at once can be slightly more taxing on the body than just one surgery.

For this reason, you may find yourself preparing more than usual for your operation. There are several possibilities of what you may be asked to do by your physician. Some of these include:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Modifying your intake of prescription medication
  • Modifying your intake of over-the-counter medication and supplements
  • Increase daily exercise
  • Modifying your intake of alcohol and other drugs
Overall, each individual's situation is unique. You'll be able to discuss yours at your pre-surgical consultation.

Your Pre-Surgical Consultation

You will meet with your doctor in advance of the procedure to develop a plan that will maximize your brow lift results and provide you with the best surgical experience possible.

Making a thorough medical profile of you and your unique needs in relation to your surgery will take up a large portion of this.

We'll evaluate your past medical history and any prescriptions you're presently taking. Overall, this helps your doctor get a more complete picture of you and your unique requirements so they can properly get ready for a high-quality brow lift.

Tampa's Brow Lift Destination

Synergy MD prides itself on being the best cosmetic surgery center in Tampa. If you're interested in combining a brow lift with other procedures, then don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with us right away to get the ball rolling on your approval.

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