Updates to Improve the Safety of a BBL By Milan Lombardi MD on December 04, 2023

The field of plastic surgery is always changing and transforming to improve the lives of patients across the world. While most cosmetic procedures are straightforward, some complex treatments require constant study and refinement so they can be completed with the utmost safety. Below, we cover key updates to improve the safety of a BBL.

Updates to Improve the Safety of a BBL

In the past, certain procedures such as the ever-popular Brazilian butt lift have been more difficult to perform, leading to the development of new standards and other updates to improve the safety of a BBL. If you are interested in this confidence-boosting surgery, take a look at the recent advancements that have transformed this procedure into one of the safest and most successful treatments in plastic surgery.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer process that can improve the shape, size, and contour of your behind. BBL treatments are often performed in combination with liposuction or another cosmetic procedure designed to reshape your figure.

A BBL can be completed in many different ways. Our medical professionals constantly work on the best techniques to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Having trouble shaping and contouring your butt on your own? And no amount of gym time will help? Then you might prove a perfect candidate for a BBL.

At Synergy MD, we take extra precautions to ensure that we are using the most updated methods of fat transfer surgery. Harvesting natural fat from another part of your body, the surgeon will place the fat into the area of your buttocks that you are looking to enhance. With our innovative practices and advanced techniques, we can help you take your cosmetic goals further.

Subtlety Is the Best BBL Technique

A major part of the fat transfer process is the placement of fat in the right area of the buttocks. If the transfer is done wrong, it can do irreversible damage to the muscles, the skin, and the entire body. The fat is transferred to the buttocks using an injection technique, and by refining this injection process, surgeons can ensure that they are hitting the right areas with the fat.

We find it vitally important to follow the safe BBL techniques highlighted by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, which states that “fat should be injected no deeper than the subcutaneous plane, or directly beneath the skin”. We then inject the harvested fat directly between the skin and the muscle. Thus, it can create a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing look. Fat injected incorrectly not only risks the cosmetic outcome of the procedure. But can also put your body at risk of infection. Fat injected below the muscle runs the risk of entering the bloodstream. And this can have poisonous or even deadly ramifications.

Why We Get it Right

Our experienced surgery team has spent years developing the best techniques for injecting fat subcutaneously. The most important part of a BBL procedure is placing the fat in the exact right area. This is why we focus on improving our practices for more guaranteed success. One of our methods includes shifting the angle of injection. The tip of the needle placed upward to prevent the fat from going deeper. In some cases, the cannula may be completely parallel to the spine. Thus, it is better for the injected fat to be closer to the skin's surface than deep underneath.

Supporting the Future of BBL Safety

We are confident in our developing standards of safety and our more innovative injection methods to ensure great results. But we also know that plastic surgery is a wheel that always turns. We strive to stay up to date on any and all procedures that would make Brazilian butt lifts even safer and better looking.

We continue to incorporate new technologies into the process of our BBL surgeries. Examples include ultrasound and other non-invasive devices, adding new depths of clarity to guide surgeons. The placement of the injection continues to be an important way to keep patients safe. At the same time, enhancing precision with their desired results.

Become the Perfect BBL Candidate Today

If you think that a Brazilian butt lift will help you reshape your body and feel more confident about yourself, we encourage you to contact us for a personal consultation. You can learn about and scrutinize the details of our surgery practices to ensure that we operate with the highest standards of safety and care. Meeting your aesthetic goals and keeping your body safe and healthy will always be our biggest priorities, and we invite you to join us at a time that is most convenient for you.

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