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While less common in women than in men, female hair loss can certainly occur to a significant amount of people. While it may be temporary for some women, others may notice long-term hair loss that can be discouraging. That is why SynergyMD offers options for a female hair transplant in Tampa. Using the modern FUE hair restoration system, we can help you restore a full and voluminous head of hair.

At SynergyMD, we focus on providing our patients with an optimized and transformative experience that can get back lost hair at almost any age. We personalize every female hair transplant treatment to create an ideal outcome for each patient using modern techniques, technology, and advancements. Contact us today to learn more about getting a female hair transplant in Tampa.

What Is a Female Hair Transplant?

A female hair transplant is much like a normal hair restoration procedure, but we adapt it to match your unique hair growth patterns. We focus on maintaining the appearance of your natural hair, so the transplants fully blend in with the rest of your hair. Using the latest hair transplant technology, we can remove hairs follicles from a donor site on your body and place them where your hair has thinned on your scalp. Since each follicle is carefully placed, we can ensure your results fully match your expectations.

Each treatment session can last for several hours, but female hair transplants are normally faster than for me. The reason is that women tend to need fewer follicle transplants. In most cases, this means you can complete your hair restoration plan in a single visit to our specialist while many men might need two or three visits. When you get your hair transplant from an experienced specialist, you should be able to achieve stunning results that get you the look you want.

Is a Female Hair Transplant Right for Me?

Balding in women can occur for a range of reasons and tends to be specific to each individual. While male baldness tends to follow a pattern, women may experience balding in patches or unexpected places. In some cases, female hair loss can be temporary. If caused by stress or medication, any lost hair may return once your situation changes. However, permanent hair loss is certainly not unheard of in female patients. In these cases, female hair restoration may be for you.

The first step is to set up a female hair restoration consultation with our specialist at SynergyMD. We can then evaluate your situation and see what kind of hair loss you are experiencing. Based on your results and our discussion, we can build a treatment plant to get you your hair back. We provide complete information up front about your unique treatment, including factors like:

  • How many follicles may need transplanting
  • What your results will look like
  • The recovery process and healing tips
  • Cost of your procedure
  • How long your procedure will take

What Is the Recovery Like?

Since female hair restoration typically requires fewer follicle transplants, the recovery is quite comfortable. You may need to wear bandages on the treated area for a couple of days, so some patients prefer to take time off from work. However, you can keep up your daily activities at home for the most part. Follow our specialist’s post-treatment instructions and you should recover quickly and comfortably. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us and our hair specialist can provide any additional information and support. SynergyMD is by your side from start to finish to ensure you get the results you want.

When Can I See Results?

Once your body heals, you will notice that the transplanted hair will fall out. This is entirely normal and expected; the follicles are the important factor. Once the transplanted hair falls out, the hair follicles begin growing hair more suited to your scalp, allowing for the natural results you want. As this hair grows out, it will be a permanent part of your scalp like the rest of your hair, matching the rest in color and texture for seamless integration. For most patients, they can see their full hair results in about 6-18 months, depending on the length you want your hair to be.

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